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Teng Tools - F-Clamp with a Fixed Handle for Fast Action Tightening and Loosening

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  • F clamp with a fixed handle for fast action tightening and loosening
  • Extremely fast setup, 90% faster than C-Clamps
  • Specifications Per Size:
  • CMF16 : Span 160mm Throat Depth  80mm Bar Dimensions 16.5x7.5 mm
  • CMF20 : Span 200mm Throat Depth 100mm Bar Dimensions 19.5x9.5mm 
  • CMF25 : Span 250mm Throat Depth 120mm Bar Dimensions 22x10.5mm 
  • CMF30 : Span 300mm Throat Depth 140mm Bar Dimensions 25x12 mm
  • CMF35 : Span 300mm Throat Depth 120mm Bar Dimensions 25x12mm 
  • Lifetime Guarantee