It's so important to take proper care of your tool storage. Your storage is the centre point of everything you do. It's the baseline from where you start your work, it helps you streamline your jobs and makes you more productive. If your storage is in good shape you can be guaranteed that your work will be too.


Here are 11 easy ways to care for your tool storage


Keep it covered

Use a cover to protect tool boxes when they are not being used.


Make it secure

If you are building a stack system, always use fixing brackets to secure each component to the stack.


Water and chemical damage

If any liquid spills on to the paint surface inside or outside the tool box clean it off immediately to protect the paint surface.


Watch your weight

Spread the weight of tools between the drawers and put the heavier tools in the lower drawers.


Regular maintenance

The drawer runners, ball bearing slides, hinges, locks etc should all be lubricated with a light oil on a regular basis.


Repair or replace any damaged parts

All moving parts are subject to wear and should be replaced when worn (Teng Tools offer a full spare parts programme).


Don't overload your tool box

Never overfill drawers or put too much weight in one drawer.


Do not lift more than you should

Follow established rules and guidelines - if it is more than 25 kilos you should not lift it on your own.


Don't climb on the tool boxes

Tool boxes are for storing tools, do not use them as a ladder.


One drawer at a time

Be aware of the balance of your tool box. Opening more than one drawer at a time can cause it to tip over.


Do not shake the tool boxes about

If the tool box has to be transported in a vehicle it should be fixed down firmly as the drawers, wheels and welding points can all be damaged by being bounced around.


Take care when wheeling

When wheeling the tool box over an uneven surface be careful as this can lead to damage particularly if the tool box is heavy loaded.


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October 25, 2019