Car maintenance is extremely important to consider when buying a new car. Repairs and maintenance can cost thousands of dollars per year and if you also factor in the price of insurance, tax and gas your annual bill could end up being astronomical.

The smart choice is to find a car that has minimal maintenance requirements. Doing so will guarantee savings in the thousands.

We've put together a list below outlining the cars that cost the least to maintain over the first five years of ownership.


Cheapest Cars To Maintain

Make Model Average Annual Maintenance Cost
Toyota Corolla $710
Toyota Prius $763
Honda Accord $822
Kia Soul $919
Honda CR-V $965
Ford Mustang $979
Toyota Tundra $1,012
Infiniti Q70 $1,412




Always consult an authorized dealer when looking to obtain exact maintenance costs. The above list is an average based upon general industry use.



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April 21, 2020