Having your things in order is the key to success! Teng Tools’ concepts improves the workflow and helps you get the job done in an efficient and profitable way. Also, it makes it more enjoyable to work – it’s more fun to use the tools, than to look for them!
Teng Tools’ flexible system with different sets, enables you to compose exactly the tool set you need.
In the sets, each tool has its own place and you’ll immediately notice if anything is missing. This is, among other things, important from a safety point of view, and it gives you complete control over your tools.


The Teng Tools concept, Get organised, acts on two levels: in the workshop and in the tool box.
Ready, Steady, Go! is the system that gives you an efficient work flow, while you get order among your tools with our unique storage systems where more than 160 different TT-trays can be combined in roller cabinets and drawers to suit your needs.