It's a question we get asked all the time. Which should you use, 6 point sockets or 12 point sockets?

The answer? Well it depends on the job you're looking to do.


6 Point Sockets

  • Ideal for jobs that require a large amount of force.
  • Additional contact surface along the flat edges of the socket make it less likely to slip.
  • Slipping strips bolts and that's definitely something you don't want to do.
  • The thicker walls also add a lot of overall strength.


12 Point Sockets

  • The additional points make these sockets easier to connect with the heads of fasteners.
  • This is ideal if you are trying to work on a fastener that is hard to see or you cannot see at all.
  • 12 point sockets are also great for use in tight spaces as they allow you to connect to a fastener at more angles.


The Teng Tools "Hip Grip" System. 

Whichever style you decide to choose all of our sockets have been manufactured according to our signature "hip grip" system.

"Hip grip" ensures that the socket will grip on the flat surfaces of the nut rather than on the corners. This helps to prevent damage to nuts and bolts and makes it possible to also grip nuts and bolts which have damaged corners.


Sold individually or as part of a set, you're guaranteed to find the setup you need.



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