A socket wrench or ratchet allows you to turn nuts and bolts with more ease than using a regular wrench.

The ratcheting feature allows you to keep the wrench on the bolt eliminating the need to refit the wrench every time you need to make a turn.

This is ideal when working in confined spaces where movement is extremely limited. 

How to use a socket wrench

  1. Select the right socket for the job.
  2. All sockets are labelled so if you know the size of nut you want to turn all you need to do is find its corresponding socket in your set.
  3. If you do not know the size of socket needed, test varying sizes until one fits correctly.
  4. Do not try and turn a bolt with a socket that is too large. Doing this could strip the bolt and make it impossible to turn.
  5. Attach the socket to the head of the wrench - you should hear a click when its properly in place.
  6. Select the direction using the flip switch to decide between loosening and tightening.
  7. Place the socket on the nut.
  8. Use it like a regular wrench except do not remove it when you run out of space
  9. Twist it back in the opposite direction and repeat until the bolt is fully loosened or tightened.

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August 19, 2019