The Do's of Tire Change

1. Apply the brakes

Always do this. The last thing you want is for your car to move whilst you're in the middle of changing your tire.


2. Do it in an open space

A large space allows you to move easily as well as having adequate space for all your tools. 


3. Place the jack in the correct position

Check your car manual to confirm the exact spot to place a jack on your car.



The Dont's of Tire Change

1. Don't take the jack's quality for granted

Not all jack's are created equal. A lot of injuries and even deaths have occurred because of badly constructed jack's. Make sure yours is a good one and as mentioned above, make sure to consult your car manual to confirm the exact spot to place the jack.


2. Don't wait until you have a flat to check the spare tire

The last thing you want is to be stranded with no functioning tire at all.


3. Don't use your bare hands

Always use appropriate tools when changing a tire.


4. Don't tighten the wheel nuts too much

Over tightening risks damaging the nuts and will make them extremely difficult to remove the next time you have a flat tire.


5. Don't drive on your spare tire for longer than necessary

They can't withstand road conditions the way a normal tire can and they are designed to be smaller than a normal tire so that they fit in your vehicle and free up as much space as possible.


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November 14, 2019