Designed in Sweden. Manufactured in Taiwan.


The Teng Tools headquarters is located in a Swedish city called Alingsås and is owned, managed and run by a company called Bergman & Beving

Bergman & Beving was founded in 1906 by engineers Arvid Bergman and Fritz Beving and has evolved over the last 100 years to become the home for successful brands.

Teng Tools is one of those brands.

Bergman & Beving’s vision is to become northern Europe’s leading holding company for the development of strong brands for professional users within the industrial and construction sectors.

It is here in this small but vibrant Swedish city that Teng Tools comes to life.


Teng Tools Design - The Swedish Way

Scandinavian design represents a philosophy that’s characterised by functionality, simplicity, and clean lines. According to these principles one should be in harmony with their environment, and things should be made to last rather than be replaced.

This philosophy and way of thinking is embedded in Teng Tools’ DNA. Before any material is cut, moulded or shaped, our designers set to work envisioning and sketching every intricate detail of a product, making sure that its core and very fabric is wrapped with these Scandinavian principles.

No line is wasted. Everything is precise. The level of care and attention to detail that is poured into the design process of a product is unmatched and unrivalled in our industry.

This attention to detail and precision has become known as ‘Typically Teng’.

The user is always front and centre of the design process. Our designers constantly think about a products function and purpose and how it will be used.


The Prototype

Once the sketching is complete the next phase of the process is prototyping. During this phase our designers travel to Taiwan to bring their ideas to life. They work tirelessly with our manufacturing department producing and tweaking physical concepts until the design is complete and ready for testing. They produce and reproduce concepts until they are fully satisfied that the product is the best it can be.



Whether its a 10mm socket or a 53 inch wide roller cabinet, every Teng Tools product goes through the same intrinsic testing phase. Each item is rigorously tested and retested to ensure that it meets the Teng Tools standard.

Sockets are pulled at random from the assembly lines and put through their paces to ensure a perfect fit. Torque wrenches are calibrated, tested, checked and certified so that they are pin point accurate. Even tool boxes are placed inside specialised machines that ensure the drawers open and close to perfection. Every detail is considered. Every detail is important.

There’s a reason why we offer a lifetime warranty. Its because we can stand by it.


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October 16, 2018
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