The Best Tools For The Money

We started manufacturing tools over 35 years ago with one goal in mind;   To produce professional quality tools at an affordable price.   We believed and still do believe...
September 23, 2019 — Keith Crosbie
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Teng Tools Warranty

There’s one burning question that everyone wants an answer to. Whether its on Facebook, Instagram, by email or over the telephone everyone wants to know one thing.    What’s our...
November 07, 2018 — Keith Crosbie
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Where is Teng Tools made?

Designed in Sweden. Manufactured in Taiwan.   The Teng Tools headquarters is located in a Swedish city called Alingsås and is owned, managed and run by a company called Bergman...
October 16, 2018 — Keith Crosbie
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The History Of Teng Tools

Although Teng Tools is relatively new to the US market, it's actually been an industry leading brand for over 30 years. Years of Tool Organization Teng Tools was first created...
October 05, 2018 — Keith Crosbie
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