Welcome to the Teng Tools USA Affiliate Program!

Teng Tools is a renowned high-end tool brand offering a wide range of over 2000 exceptional products. From our comprehensive tool kits valued at $12,000 to individual sockets priced as low as $4, we cater to the diverse needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

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Why join the Teng Tools USA Affiliate Program?

1. High-end tool brand: Teng Tools is synonymous with quality and precision, appealing to professionals and tool enthusiasts seeking top-tier products.

2. Extensive product range: With over 2000 products in our range, you can promote a wide variety of tools, tool sets, and accessories to your audience.

3. Competitive commission rate: Earn a fixed 4% commission on every sale across the entire Teng Tools product range.

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The Teng Tools USA Team