Teng Tools 4 Piece 9 Inch Snap Ring Circlip Plier Set - TTX474-9

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Product Details

  • [ 4 PIECES ] 9 inch snap ring / circlip plier set containing 4 individual pieces.
  • [ STRAIGHT SNAP RING PLIERS ] Inner (40-100mm), Outer (40-100mm).
  • [ BENT SNAP RING PLIERS ] Inner (40-100mm), Outer (40-100mm).
  • [ EXTRA STRONG ] Made from chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability featuring 2.3mm tips and return springs for easier use.
  • [ VINYL GRIPS ] Equipped with light and compact textured vinyl grips to avoid tool slippage with a slim design for greater access in tight spaces.
  • [ VERSATILE ] Can be used for both internal snap rings (housed inside a bore) and external snap rings (fit around a shaft).
  • [ INCREASED EFFICIENCY ] Specifically designed for snap ring tasks, which means they offer greater speed and efficiency compared to using alternative methods or tools.
  • [ PREVENTS DAMAGE ] Pliers provide a controlled grip, minimizing the risk of accidental damage to the ring or the workpiece.
  • TOTAL TOOL ORGANIZATION ] Supplied in a unique tool tray which features a removable lid and dove tail joints. The set can be used on its own as a standalone set or as part of our Get Organized system where all of our tool trays click together allowing you to build your ultimate tool setup. 

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  • Tool Tray Dimensions
  • Straight Snap Ring Pliers
  • Bent Snap Ring Pliers
  • Width: 22.4". Depth: 4.5". Height: 1.8"
  • Inner (40-100mm), Outer (40-100mm)
  • Inner (40-100mm), Outer (40-100mm)