Having a garage is awesome

It can be a space for storing things but more importantly, it can also be your mecca for working on those side projects or even full-time projects late into the night and at weekends. However, having a garage can also be a messy affair. Even if you are the neatest person in the world, a garage is only a big project or a few steps away from descending into complete chaos.

You might think to yourself that a messy garage is inevitable. Something that is destined to happen and can't be avoided. Missing tools and a cluttered workspace is part and parcel with getting your hands dirty. It's almost a right of passage.

But that's where you would be wrong. If you can't see the floor you're walking on you'll always be tripping up over yourself and if you can't find the tools you need when you need them you'll never get that project finished.

A tidy garage isn't just something that looks clean. On the contrary, it can also be the envy of all of your friends and colleagues.

Clean Out Time

One of the first steps in organizing your garage is to completely clean it out. It may sound like a daunting task but setting aside some time (ideally a weekend when you're guaranteed to have some nice weather) can make a world of difference. So crank that garage door open, let the sun inside and turn up your favourite playlist. It's time to get this done.

But where do I start?

When cleaning out your garage you need to ask yourself these 2 simple questions;

1. Have I used this in the last year?

2. Will I use this next year?

They might sound trivial but these two simple questions will almost certainly guarantee that your chaotic mess will transform into a haven of productivity in no time.

And what do you do with all of those unwanted items? Well don't throw them away that's for sure. Maybe you know a friend or colleague that could really use that item. Maybe you could have a yard sale or auction the items off online or on social media.

Whatever you decide to do remember that unless it's broken, the trash can is the last resort - there's always someone out there that might need what you don't anymore. Your back pocket will also thank you too.

Planning Time

Okay, so you've just spent a glorious few days cleaning out your garage, reminiscing on days gone by as well as planning your next awesome project, you know, the one you always said you would do but that you never had the space to do it?

Well, now you have all of that space to resurrect that project and get this garage humming back to life.

But wait.

You don't want to fall back into old habits. There's no point in cleaning everything out just to start all over again. You need to plan. You need to make sure that you transform this space into a hive of productivity.

Everything Needs A Place

The best way to do that is to ensure that everything in your garage has it's own specific place. 

Storage, tools, a clean workspace. You'll need all of it to ensure organization is embedded in your garage future.

Your tools are an extension of your arm. They allow you create, re-create and transform as and when you need to. They are the connection between you and your project. The lifeline of your garage.

But you can't have these just scattered all around. Firstly, you'll always be losing tools but secondly and more importantly, you won't have the right tool when you need to get a specific job done. 

Remember that extra money you had in your back pocket from cleaning out your garage? Well you can kiss that goodbye if you don't have an organized tool setup. Lost tools means you'll always be returning to the store to replace that 10mm socket.

Never Lose A Tool Again!

Imagine a kit where every tool has it's own specific place. A setup that was designed and optimized so that you could do your best work. No more searching for lost tools. Everything you need, ready and waiting.

At Teng Tools we've perfected tool organization over the last 35 years. We've developed a tool kit system and setup that guarantees to organize all of your tools, all in one place.

The Ultimate Setup

It's simple really. All of our tools are stored in precision engineered tool trays. We have trays for every type of tool category. From socketry to pliers, screwdrivers to impact and everything in-between, we've devised an entire tool categorization setup that covers every tool you will ever need and is completely modular.

All of our tool trays fit perfectly in our tool box drawers and did I mention that our tool storage is also modular? Everything clicks together perfectly. If you ever happen to lose a tool again you'll know exactly which one is missing.

All you need to do is choose your perfect setup. But you don't even need to do that because we've done it for you. We've configured an entire range of professional and affordable tool kit setups that cover every type of situation. 


From full stack systems with 1,000+ tools to durable and portable setups to grab and go as you need them on the fly, our extensive assortment of kits will have you covered no matter the job or setup required.

So what are you waiting for. Dust off those gloves and turn that garage into the dream workshop!

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August 16, 2019
Tags: How To