Teng Tools 12 Piece Hand, Round, Knife, Square, Oval, Feather, Flat Needle File Set - TTNF12

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Product Details

  • [ 12 PIECES ] Need file set containing 12 individual pieces.
  • [ NEEDLE FILES ] Hand, half round, three square, square, round, flat point, knife type, barrette, crossing, oval, feather edge, round edge flat.
  • [ FEATURES ] Each needle file is 6.3"/160mm long with a plastic handle for use with more detailed work.
  • [ DEBURRING & SMOOTHING ] Automotive components often have rough or sharp edges, burrs, or imperfections that can affect their functionality or safety. Needle files excel at removing these imperfections, allowing for precise deburring and smoothing of edges. This is crucial for ensuring proper fitment and preventing injury during assembly or maintenance.
  • [ ACCESS TO TIGHT SPACES ] Automobiles contain various components and parts that are situated in tight or hard-to-reach areas. Needle files' small size and pointed shape enable technicians to access these confined spaces and perform detailed filing or shaping work. This is particularly useful when working on intricate engine parts, interior trim, or electrical connections.
  • [ FINE DETAILING ] Automotive restoration or customization projects often require fine detailing work. Needle files excel at shaping and refining small features, such as emblems, logos, or grooves on car bodies or interior surfaces. They allow for precise material removal and shaping to achieve the desired finish or aesthetic appearance.
  • [ PRECISION FILING & SIZING ] Needle files provide accurate and controlled material removal, making them valuable tools for sizing or fitting components. They allow technicians to make precise adjustments on parts like gaskets, seals, or connectors to ensure proper mating and optimal functionality. Needle files can also be used to modify or shape components for custom installations or repairs.
  • [ MAINTENANCE & REPAIR ] Needle files can be used to file or shape small engine or transmission parts, repair damaged threads, clean or enlarge bolt holes, or remove rust or corrosion from metal surfaces.
  • TOTAL TOOL ORGANIZATION ] Supplied in a unique tool tray which features a removable lid and dove tail joints. The set can be used on its own as a standalone set or as part of our Get Organized system where all of our tool trays click together allowing you to build your ultimate tool setup.

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  • Tool Tray Dimensions
  • Needle Files
  • Width: 5.60". Depth: 10.5". Height: 2"
  • Hand, half round, three square
  • Square, round, flat point
  • Knife type, barrette, crossing
  • Oval, feather edge, round edge flat