Teng Tools - Round Crown Face & Straight Pein Body Working Hammer - HMBH01

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Product Details

  • The Teng Tools Body Working Hammer is a high-quality hand tool designed for shaping and repairing metal bodywork on cars and other vehicles.
  • The hammer features a forged alloy steel head with a round crown face and a straight pein, which provides versatility for a range of applications and tasks.
  • The round crown face is ideal for flattening and smoothing metal surfaces, while the straight pein can be used for shaping and forming metal edges and contours.
  • The hammer's mirror-polished face helps prevent damage to the metal surface being worked on, and ensures a clean and precise finish.
  • The hammer also features a comfortable and ergonomic hickory handle, which provides a non-slip and anti-vibration grip for improved control and accuracy.
  • The handle's 12.8-inch overall length provides a good balance between reach and maneuverability, and the hammer's overall weight of 14 oz makes it easy to handle and control.
  • The Teng Tools Body Working Hammer is suitable for a range of automotive repair and bodywork tasks, including dent removal, metal shaping, and panel alignment.
  • The hammer is also durable and long-lasting, and can be easily cleaned and maintained for ongoing use and reliability.
  • Overall, the Teng Tools Body Working Hammer is a valuable addition to any automotive or metalworking toolbox, providing versatility, precision, and performance for a range of tasks and applications

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