Teng Tools 1000 Volt Insulated Interchangeable Screwdriver Blades

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Product Details

  • [ VERSATILE ] Interchangeable insulated screwdriver blades are a versatile and safety-focused tool solution designed for professionals working with electrical systems.
  • [ CONVENIENT ] The blades are convenient for professionals who need to switch between different screwdriver types frequently. Instead of fumbling with multiple tools, you can quickly swap out the blade to match the task at hand.
  • [ SPACE EFFICIENCY ] The blades take up less space in your toolbox or workspace compared to a collection of separate screwdrivers. This can help you stay organized and carry fewer tools with you, especially if you have limited storage.
  • [ VDE INSULATED ] Meets the requirements of the internationally acknowledged European EN 60900 standards for use in electrically live environments. Integrated protective insulation with two colours clearly indicates if there is any damage.
  • [ INDIVIDUALLY TESTED ] Thoroughly verified by means of the impact strength, electrical, flame-retardancy, insulation adhesion and stamp tests.

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