Teng Tools 16 Piece Mini Plier and Precision Screwdriver (Flat, Phillips, Torx) Set - TTMI16

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Product Details

  • [ 16 PIECES ] Mini plier and screwdriver set containing 16 individual pieces.
  • [ SCREWDRIVER SIZES ] Slotted: 2.0x40mm, 2.4x40mm, 3.0x40mm, PH00x40mm, PH0x40mm, PH1x40mm, TX6x40mm, TX7x40mm, TX8x40mm, TX9x40mm, TX10x40mm, TX15x40mm.
  • [ PLIER SIZES ] 4-1/2" side cutters, 4-1/2" end cutters, 5" long nose and 5" flat nose pliers.
  • [ MINI SCREWDRIVERS FEATURES ] Blades are made from CrMo steel alloy for greater strength and feature rotating end pieces for easier use when "transporting" the fastening.
  • [ MINI PLIER FEATURES ] High carbon steel construction, return spring for easier operation and vinyl grips for easier use in pockets or tool pouches.
  • [ GREAT FOR TIGHT SPACES ] Mini pliers and screwdrivers are particularly useful for tasks in confined or hard-to-reach spaces. Their small size allows for better maneuverability and access to tight areas where larger tools may not fit.
  • [ VERSATILITY ] Despite their small size, mini pliers can still handle a variety of tasks. They can be used for gripping, bending, cutting, and manipulating small objects, wires, or materials.
  • [ SPECIALIZED APPLICATIONS ] Mini screwdrivers are commonly used for interior trim and panel removal, electronics and wiring, light assembly and repair, battery terminals, dashboard and instrument clusters and small engine components.
  • TOTAL TOOL ORGANIZATION ] Supplied in a unique tool tray which features a removable lid and dove tail joints. The set can be used on its own as a standalone set or as part of our Get Organized system where all of our tool trays click together allowing you to build your ultimate tool setup. 

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  • Tool Tray Dimensions
  • Mini Screwdrivers
  • Mini Pliers
  • Width 5.6", Depth 10.5", Height 2"
  • Slotted: 2.0x40mm, 2.4x40mm, 3.0x40mm
  • PH00x40mm, PH0x40mm, PH1x40mm
  • TX6x40mm, TX7x40mm, TX8x40mm
  • TX9x40mm, TX10x40mm, TX15x40mm
  • 4-1/2" side cutters, 4-1/2" end cutters
  • 5" long nose, 5" flat nose pliers