Teng Tools 3/4 Inch Drive 40 Inch Long 180 Degree Chrome Vanadium Steel Nut Breaker Bar - 3401

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Product Details

  • [ EXTRA TORQUE ] Generates significantly more torque than a standard wrench or ratchet, which is especially important when dealing with large, heavy-duty fasteners (nuts and bolts) or those that have been over-tightened.
  • [ SECURE GRIP & PIVOTING HEAD ] Ball bearing socket retainer on the square drive for a secure grip with a 180 degree pivoting head for to reach fasteners even in cramped spaces.
  • [ INCREASED LEVERAGE ] The long handle allows mechanics to apply more leverage when turning nuts and bolts. This extra leverage makes it easier to overcome resistance and remove tight or rusted fasteners that might be difficult to loosen.
  • [ BETTER CONTROL ] The long handle provides better control over the application of force, making it easier to exert slow, steady pressure when necessary. This can be crucial when dealing with delicate or sensitive automotive components.
  • [ DURABLE ] Made from chrome vanadium steel which makes it durable and able to withstand heavy use in a workshop environment.

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