Teng Tools 4 Piece Auto Clip, Fastener & Trim Panel Remover EVA Foam Tool Tray - TEASR04A

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Product Details

  • [ CLIP TOOLS ] U-Shape small and large clip removal tools.
  • [ PANEL TRIM TOOLS ] V-Shape small and large panel trim removal tools.
  • [ GREAT LEVERAGE ] The tools feature distinct pivot points designed for appropriate leverage and to resist twisting that may damage a panel or trim piece.
  • [ EASY TO USE ] Ergonomically designed bi-material handles for easy use and holes in the handles for hanging or for use with a fall protection wire.
  • [ IDEAL FOR MOST VEHICLES ] Perfect to use on most domestic and import vehicles and suitable for safely removing clips and fasteners that secure trim pieces and door panels.
  • [ EVA FOAM ORGANIZATION ] Each tool has been scanned in a CAD CAM system with the tool's exact shape cut out in a three-coloured EVA foam block. The top layer of the foam is black, the intermediate layer white and the bottom layer red, so that as soon as the tool has been removed its position is clearly visible in red. The size and or a description of the tool has been etched next to its position.

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  • EVA Foam Tray Dimensions
  • Clip Tools
  • Panel Trim Tools
  • Width: 5.6". Depth: 10.4". Height: 2"
  • U-Shape small
  • U-Shape large
  • V-Shape small
  • V-Shape large