Teng Tools 6 Piece Plier, Wrench, Engineer Hammer, Knife & Saw General EVA Foam Tray - TEFX06E

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Product Details

  • [ ENGINEERS HAMMER ] 500g, doubled headed with a square pein, pointed head and fibre glass shaft featuring a comfortable, rubber handle.
  • [ ADJUSTABLE WRENCH ] 8 inch with extra wide jaw, integral measurement scale, bi-material handle for comfort and support and hole in the handle for tool securing when working at height.
  • [ KNIVES & HACKSAW ] Utility knife featuring a retractable blade for safer use and storage and snap off craft knife featuring a 9mm blade with sliding blade holder to retract the blade when not in use. Hacksaw holder featuring 12 inch blade and keyhole saw.
  • [ WATER PUMP PLIER ] 10 inch one hand quick set HRC60 water pump plier featuring pipe grip, serrated jaws and button press for quick and simple use.
  • [ EVA FOAM ORGANIZATION ] Each tool has been scanned in a CAD CAM system with the tool's exact shape cut out in a three-coloured EVA foam block. The top layer of the foam is black, the intermediate layer white and the bottom layer red, so that as soon as the tool has been removed its position is clearly visible in red. The size and or a description of the tool has been etched next to its position.

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  • EVA Foam Tray Dimensions
  • Hammer
  • Wrench
  • Knives
  • Hacksaw
  • Pliers
  • Width: 16.8". Depth: 10.5". Height: 1.5"
  • 500g engineers hammer
  • 8" extra wide adjustable wrench
  • Utility knife & snap off craft knife
  • With 12" blade & keyhole saw
  • 10" water pump