Teng Tools 53 Piece Screwdriver Set (Flat, PH, PZ, Hex, Torx, TPX, Square) + Accessories - MD9053N

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Product Details

  • 53 piece Flat, PH, PZ, Hex, Torx, TPX and Square type screwdriver and accessory set.
  • Accessories: 1/4" hex x 1/4" square drive adapter, ratcheting bits driver.
  • Flat Screwdrivers: 3.0 x 75mm, 3.0 x 100mm, 4.0 x 100mm, 5.5 x 75mm, 5.5 x 150mm, 6.0 x 38mm, 6.5 x 100mm, 6.5 x 150mm, 8.0 x 150mm, 10.0 x 200mm.
  • Phillips Screwdrivers: PH1 x 75mm, PH2 x 38mm, PH2 x 100mm, PH3 x 150mm.
  • Pozidriv Screwdrivers: PZ0 x 75mm, PZ1 x 75mm, PZ2 x 38mm, PZ2 x 100mm, PZ3 x 150mm.
  • 25mm Bits: 1.2 x 5mm, 1.4 x 7mm flat, PH1, PH2, PZ0, PZ1, PZ2, TX6, TX7, TX8, TX9, TX10, TX15 (x2), TX20 (x2), TX25 (x2), TX30, TX40, TPX20, TPX25, TPX30, ROB1, ROB2, ROB3, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm hex.
  • TT-MV PLUS steel alloy for greater strength and material flexibility.
  • Ergonomically designed bi-material handles for easy use with higher torque and faster speed.
  • Hole in the handles for hanging or for use with a T handle for extra torque or with a fall protection wire if needed.
  • The handles are moulded around the blades to ensure straightness and to allow larger blade wings which give a higher torque capacity.
  • Supplied inn a handy carrying case.

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