Teng Tools 11 Piece Full Drawer EVA Foam Plier Set (Cutters, Linesman, Long Nose + More) - TTEMB11

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Product Details

  • Side cutters - Heavy duty - 8in.(3.0mm piano wire cutting capacity)
  • Combination pliers - High leverage - 7in.(1.8mm piano wire cutting capacity)
  • Long nose pliers - 8in. (1.5mm piano wire cutting capacity)
  • Water pump pliers - 10in. (38mm capacity)
  • Circlip pliers - Inner type - 7in. straight and bent type (1.8mm tip, 19 to 60mm capacity)
  • Circlip pliers - outer type - 7in. straight and bent type (1.8mm tip, 19 to 60mm capacity)
  • Power grip pliers - long nose - 6in. straight jaw (35mm capacity)
  • Power grip pliers - regular - 4in. and 10in. curved jaw (25mm/47mm capacity)
  • Round jaw type - 4in., 5in., 10in. and 12in.
  • Flat jaw type - 10in. and 12in.
  • Long nose type - 4in., 6 1/2in. and 9in.
  • Clamp pliers - 11in. C clamp plier with swivel pad, 12in. self levelling locking plier
  • Steel Alloy and Chrome Molybdenum gives a greater cutting capacity
  • The cutting edges on pliers are especially angled to suit different materials and application areas
  • Slim design gives better accessibility
  • The cutting capacity is laser marked next to the cutting edge - makes it easy to see which pliers you need to choose

In many activities and situations it is extremely important to be able to quickly check that all tools have been replaced in the correct positions in the tool box at the end of the shift or when the work is completed. The Teng Tools storage system made of EVA foam offers a cost efficient solution.

Each tool has been scanned in a CAD CAM system and a computer controlled milling machine then cuts out each tool's exact shape in a three-coloured EVA foam block.
The top layer of the foam is black, the intermediate layer white and the bottom layer red, so that as soon as the tool has been removed its position is clearly visible in red.

The size and or a description of the tool is etched next to its position. This means that if a tool is missing it is not only its position that is clearly visible, but you can quickly determine which tool is involved. This makes it much easier to remember where you last used the tool and helps when you need to replace a lost tool.

The EVA inserts fit in Teng Tools roller cabinets and in the extra deep top drawer TC805NFX.

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