Teng Tools 4 Piece Long Nose, Sheet Metal, Welding Grip & C Clamp Welding Plier Set - TTPSPG

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Product Details

  • [ 4 PIECES ] Locking/power grip plier set including all of the most commonly used welding pliers.
  • [ 6 INCH LONG NOSE PLIER ]  The long jaws of a long nose locking plier allow for precise gripping, holding, and maneuvering of small objects or components in confined spaces. This makes it particularly useful for tasks that require reaching into narrow gaps, around obstacles, or in areas where hands or other tools cannot easily reach.
  • [ 8 INCH SHEET METAL GRIP PLIER ]  By securely holding the sheet metal, this plier allows the welder or fabricator to work with confidence, knowing that the material is firmly positioned and stable. This promotes better control and precision during welding, cutting, bending, or any other fabrication processes involving sheet metal.
  • [ WELDING GRIP PLIER ] Ideal for securely holding and manipulating welding materials and components during welding processes which enhances stability, control, and accuracy, resulting in improved weld quality and a more efficient welding operation.
  • [ C CLAMP PLIER ] The strong clamping force of a C-clamp locking plier makes it ideal for holding objects firmly in place during woodworking, metalworking, or other applications where a sturdy grip is required. The pressure exerted by the plier helps prevent movement, shifting, or slipping of the workpiece, ensuring stability and accuracy.
  • EXTRA STRONG ] Made from chrome vanadium steel for strength, durability and long life.
  • [ TOTAL TOOL ORGANIZATION ] Supplied in a unique organized tool tray where every tool has it's own specific place. The set can be used on its own as a standalone set or as part of our Get Organized system allowing you to build your ultimate tool setup. 


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