We all know that when you’re out for a drive, your Four-wheel drive is likely to break down when you least expect it. You know that you can’t carry your workshop with you everywhere you go.

So, why not take a “workshop” in a box? You should look for a good portable tool kit to carry with you on the back of your Four-wheel drive at all times.

We would like to help you know what to look for in a quality portable tool set that can be carried in your vehicle and ensure you have the tools you might require when you head out on your next trip. A professional toolkit requires the following things:

1. 1/2-inch drive socket sets –It should run all the way up to 32mm, which will allow you to do pinion nuts and also the steering wheel suspension.

2. A good set of pliers –It should have a soft handle, but a tough end. You need long nose pliers, water pump pliers, a pair of side cutters, combination pliers, etc.

3. Screwdrivers are very important –A screwdriver set should have flat and Phillips included. It requires a soft-grip handle that imparts a lot of torque. A two-part resin handle that gets sticky when you pick it up with dirty, oily hands also comes in handy.

4. A complete set of combination spanners with the ring and open on one end, offset 15 degrees and flank drive at the ring end is a handy tool to add to your truck. It doesn’t run nuts off and also good for getting rid of nuts that are already rounded-off.

5. A sturdy case –Of course, you want your portable tool set to last. So, look for a sturdy case. One made of ABS plastic. Go for one with resin handles, metal latches, a steel pin at the back, and rubber construction at the bottom that don’t scratch.

Remember, you can carry this portable toolkit on the back of your Four-wheel drive with lots of your other items. Choose one with warranty. Always ensure the tools you use are as tough as the truck you drive.

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March 02, 2018
Tags: Tool Kits