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Sockets & Accessories

A complete range of sockets and accessories

The sockets and accessories range includes drives between ¼” and 1″ and includes six-point and twelve-point sockets, metric and imperial sizes as well as TX-E. A wide range of bit sockets for six-point, TX and TPX is supplemented further by a range of adapters for use with the comprehensive range of bits, found in the screwdriver range.

Lifetime Guarantee

All Teng Tools products are always covered by our lifetime guarantee giving you piece of mind that the cools can and will get the job done

The range includes standard extensions and swivel extensions in lengths from 50 mm to 500 mm.
• The safety lock system on the ¾” extension bars prevents sockets from loosening unintentionally while working.
• All sockets and accessories are supplied on a hanging card, which for ¼”, 3/8″ and ½” drives includes a socket clip for use on the Teng Tools aluminium clip rail. This allows users to put together their own individual clip rail sets designed to suit their own needs.
• Retaining grub screws are fitted to many accessories for extra safety when working in confined areas.
• 3 function sockets and accessories adaptors that increase or decrease as well as including the possibility of a T-handle together with an extension bar.