We've compiled a comprehensive list below of every 1/2 inch drive extension bar in our entire range including all sizing details.

Choosing the right extension bar has never been easier.


Teng Tools 1/2" Drive Extension Bar Chart

Item IDDriveTypeDINDescriptionLengthWeight
M120020-C1/2"A3123B2 1/2 inch extension bar63.5mm / 2.5in105g / 3.7oz
M120021-C1/2"A3123B5 inch extension bar125mm / 4.9in222g / 7.8oz
M120023-C1/2"A3123B6 inch extension bar150mm / 5.9in240g / 8.5oz
M120022-C1/2"A3123B10 inch extension bar255mm / 10in420g / 14.8oz



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