1. Never expose pliers to excessive heat
2. Never force a pliers beyond it's capacity
3. Always wear eye protection when cutting metal or wire
4. Only use pliers for their intended job
5. Never use pliers on live wires
6. Add a drop of oil to the joints periodically to keep them in good condition
7. Only cut with designated cutting pliers


Teng Tools Pliers
We offer an extensive range of pliers to suit most applications including but not limited to side cutters, linesman pliers, slip joint pliers, cable pliers, nippers, precision shears and tweezers.


There are two types of handles to choose from: vinyl coated and TPR grip.


Vinyl Coated
These handles provide a comfortable grip and reduced fatigue while working


TPR Grip
These handles are  lightweight, comfortable and provide extra support when using greater force.


Our pliers are manufactured from chrome molybdenum steel for extra strength and each plier has it's cutting capacity laser marked next to the cutting edge making it easy to see which pliers you need to choose for the job.


The total length is designed to provide maximum leverage for each pair of pliers, irrespective of whether they are linesman, water pump, flat or snap ring pliers.
Additionally, the cutting edges on cutting pliers are especially angled to suit different materials and application areas.


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August 07, 2019
Tags: Pliers