Car parts can be measured in various units and sometimes you need to convert them to ensure you're getting the right parts for your vehicle.

We've created a chart below that list most of the common conversions you will ever encounter.


Car Parts Conversion Chart

To Convert From... To... Multiply By This Number
Millimeters Inches 0.03937
Inches Millimeters 25.4
Meters Feet 3.281
Feet Meters 0.3048
Liters Cubic Inches 61
Cubic Inches Liters 0.0164
Liters Cubic Centimeters 1000
Cubic Centimeters Liters 1/1000
cc/minute Gallons per hour 0.01585
Gallons per hour cc/minute 63.1
Gallons per hour Pounds per hour 6
Pounds per hour Gallons per hour 1/6
cc/minute Pounds per hour 0.0951
Pounds per hour cc/minute 10.52
Cubic feet per minute Liters per minute 28.31
Liters per minute Cubic feet per minute 0.035315



Now that you have your conversion you need some quality tools to help you work on your car.

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March 10, 2020