If you've ever driven or owned a car you've definitely seen that fuel warning light come on. But how far can you actually drive before you run out of gas? It's a question that a lot of us ask but most never test.

The following chart will give you a good indication but should only be used as a guideline. For a definitive answer, always check with the car manufacturer. Be warned, driving with low fuel or running out of gas is actually bad for your vehicle and can damage your engine. 


Miles remaining when the warning light comes on

Make Model Miles Remaining (with warning light) Make Model Miles Remaining (with warning light)
Ford F-150 35-80 Jeep Grand Cherokee 66-90
Chevrolet Silverado 25 Toyota Tacoma 63-75
Ram 1500 63-87 Subaru Forester 62-83
Toyota Camry 65-91 Kia Optima 30
Toyota Corolla 60-84 Toyota Highlander 58-72
Nissan Altima 81-114 Kia Soul 30
Honda Accord 70-93 Toyota Sienna 54-75
Honda CR-V 62-78 Subaru Outback 65-85
Honda Civic 59-80 Nissan Versa 80-104
Ford Fusion 35-80 VW Jetta 57-85
Ford Escape 35-80 Honda Odyssey 57-84
Toyota RAV4 57-74 Honda Pilot 45-62
Chevrolet Equinox 50 Ford Mustang 35-80
Nissan Rogue 78-99 Ford Edge 35-80
Hyundai Elantra 30 Chevrolet Traverse 42-60
Ford Explorer 35-80 Toyota Tundra 60-72
Chevrolet Cruze 56-84 Jeep Patriot 46-60
Ford Focus 35-80 Toyota Prius 76-81
GMC Sierra Denali 64-92 Hyundai Santa Fe 40
Hyundai Sonata 40 Kia Sorento 40
Jeep Cherokee 66-93 Chevrolet Impala 44-62
Nissan Sentra 60-80 Ford Transit 35-80
Jeep Wrangler 47-58 Mazda 3 69-94
Chrysler 200 69-108 Mazda CX-5 67-91
Chevrolet Malibu 50-72 GMC Terrain 50





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April 09, 2020