One foot pound is the work done by a force of one pound acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force.

How to Convert Foot-Pounds (ft/lbs) to Newton-Meters (Nm)

To convert newton-meters (Nm) to foot-pounds (ft/lbs) all you need to do is divide the foot-pounds (ft/lbs) figure by 0.73756.

Foot-Pounds (ft/lbs) to Newton-Meters (Nm) Table

ft/lbs Nm ft/lbs Nm ft/lbs Nm
0ft-lb 0.00Nm 20ft-lb 27.12Nm 40ft-lb 54.23Nm
1ft-lb 1.36Nm 21ft-lb 28.47Nm 41ft-lb 55.59Nm
2ft-lb 2.71Nm 22ft-lb 29.83Nm 42ft-lb 56.94Nm
3ft-lb 4.07Nm 23ft-lb 31.18Nm 43ft-lb 58.30Nm
4ft-lb 5.42Nm 24ft-lb 32.54Nm 44ft-lb 59.66Nm
5ft-lb 6.78Nm 25ft-lb 33.90Nm 45ft-lb 61.01Nm
6ft-lb 8.13Nm 26ft-lb 35.25Nm 46ft-lb 62.37Nm
7ft-lb 9.49Nm 27ft-lb 36.61Nm 47ft-lb 63.72Nm
8ft-lb 10.85Nm 28ft-lb 37.96Nm 48ft-lb 65.08Nm
9ft-lb 12.20Nm 29ft-lb 39.32Nm 49ft-lb 66.44Nm
10ft-lb 13.56Nm 30ft-lb 40.67Nm 50ft-lb 67.79Nm
11ft-lb 14.91Nm 31ft-lb 42.03Nm 51ft-lb 69.15Nm
12ft-lb 16.27Nm 32ft-lb 43.39Nm 52ft-lb 70.50Nm
13ft-lb 17.63Nm 33ft-lb 44.74Nm 53ft-lb 71.86Nm
14ft-lb 18.98Nm 34ft-lb 46.10Nm 54ft-lb 73.21Nm
15ft-lb 20.34Nm 35ft-lb 47.45Nm 55ft-lb 74.57Nm
16ft-lb 21.69Nm 36ft-lb 48.81Nm 56ft-lb 75.93Nm
17ft-lb 23.05Nm 37ft-lb 50.17Nm 57ft-lb 77.28Nm
18ft-lb 24.40Nm 38ft-lb 51.52Nm 58ft-lb 78.64Nm
19ft-lb 25.76Nm 39ft-lb 52.88Nm 59ft-lb 79.99Nm