Torque wrenches are precision tools and should be treated with the utmost care.

Maintaining your torque wrench requires regular checking for wear and tear as well as keeping a close eye on potential defective parts.

The more you use your torque wrench the faster is will begin to show signs of wear. 


Inspect the ratchet

The wrenches ratchet should be regularly cleaned and lubricated. You should also periodically check that the screws in the head are tight. The handle should not be loose and should not contain any lubricant or corrosion when being used.


Store correctly

Always keep your torque wrench dry and store it in an appropriate case to protect it from chemicals, grime and dust. Before storing, make sure to wipe down your wrench with a clean cloth as residue liquid could damage or corrode the wrench over time if left unattended.


Follow Instructions

If you ever need to disassemble your torque wrench always make sure you follow the provided instructions carefully and if necessary, use a competent technician instead.


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October 31, 2019