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How To Load A Pick-Up Truck Correctly

If you own a pickup truck someone will eventually ask you to help them move. With that in mind it's important to know how to load your truck correctly and safely.


How To Load A Pick-Up Truck Correctly


1. Check the payload limits

This is the amount of weight your pickup can carry. The limits are usually found on a label inside the drivers door.


2. Load heavy items near the cab

This will help your truck to maintain good handling. The weight should be evenly distributed and secured.


3. Load large items on the sides

Large items i.e. furniture etc should be loaded on each side.


4. Load boxes in between large items on sides

Keep the heaviest boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top with everything packed tightly to ensure even distribution. Also make sure to strap everything down.


5. Place tarp or webbing over boxes

This will protect your things from potentially flying off mid-drive as well as ensure your belongings don't get wet.


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