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The History Of Teng Tools

Although Teng Tools is relatively new to the US market, it's actually been an industry leading brand for over 30 years.

Years of Tool Organization

Teng Tools was first created in 1985 by a Swedish man named Henri Tengvall. Henri saw the mechanics' need for a well selected range of tools with clever storage and properly composed tool sets.

Teng Tools inherited its name and face from the Asian folk hero Tengu, a tough warrior who fought for his people. He was characterised by strength, courage and innovative thinking, properties that our product range have inherited.

When visiting Japan in December 1984 Henri was introduced to the Teng village and this famous 12th century story. Teng was considered a symbol of power in stories and a mask was used to convey its image in theatres all over Japan and in Taiwan.

 Teng Tools Mask


 You may recognise the above image. Although the face originally came from a famous 12th century story its also a very popular emoji found on every smartphone keyboard.

Over the years the logo has been refined and adapted which leads us to today;

 Teng Tools Logo


Although the logo may have been modernised over the years, it still conveys the strength and power from where it originated.


The devil is in the detail

After that fateful Japan visit the brand was born. Initially, the product range started out with three socket sets; 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch variants. The range may have been small, each set was adorned with attention to detail, a phrase that later became known as "Typically Teng".

Today, the Teng Tools range has over 3,000+ items and although it has expanded massively the attention to detail can still be seen throughout every item.

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