We've created a table that converts all of the standard sized tires to radial and metric size equivalents.


Tractor Tire Conversion Chart

Standard Size Radial Size Metric Size
11.2X20 11.2R20 280/85R20
12.4X20 12.4R20 320/85R20
9.5X24 9.5R24 250/85R24
11.2X24 11.2R24 280/85R24
12.4X24 12.4R24 320/85R24
13.6X24 13.6R24 340/85R24
14.9X24 14.9R24 380/85R24
16.9X24 16.9R24 420/85R24
18.4X26 18.4R26 420/85R26
11.2X28 11.2R28 280/85R28
12.4X28 12.4R28 320/85R28
13.6X28 13.6R28 340/85R28
14.9X28 14.9R28 380/85R28
16.9X28 16.9R28 420/85R28
14.9X30 14.9R30 380/85R30
16.9X30 16.9R30 420/85R30
18.4X30 18.4R30 460/85R30
12.4X32 12.4R32 320/85R32
12.4X34 12.4R34 320/85R34
14.9X34 14.9R34 380/85R34
16.9X34 16.9R34 420/85R34
18.4X34 18.4R34 460/85R34
20.8X34 20.8R34 520/85R34
12.4X36 12.4R36 320/85R36
13.6X36 13.6R36 340/85R36
13.6X38 13.6R38 340/85R38
14.9X38 14.9R38 380/85R38
16.9X38 16.9R38 420/85R38
18.4X38 18.4R38 460/85R38
20.8X38 20.8R38 520/85R38
18.4X42 18.4R42 460/85R42
20.8X42 20.8R42 520/85R42
20.8X46 20.8R46 520/85R46


Now that you have found your tire conversion, check out our tools to get the perfect setup for your tractor.

February 27, 2020