We've compiled the ultimate measurement conversion chart so if you ever need to make a quick calculation, this chart has got you covered.


Ultimate Measurement Conversion Chart

When you know: Multiply by: To find:
inches 25 millimeters
feet 30 centimeters
yards 0.9 meters
miles 1.6 kilometers
centimeters 0.393 inches
meters 1.1 yards
kilometers 0.6 miles
ounces 28 grams
pounds 0.45 kilograms
short tons 0.9 metric tons
grams 0.035 ounces
kilograms 2.2 pounds
metric tons 1.1 short tons
fluid ounces 30 mililiters
pints, US 0.47 liters
pints, Imp. 0.568 liters
quarts, US 0.95 liters
quarts, Imp. 1.137 liters
gallons, US 3.8 liters
gallons, Imp. 4.546 liters
mililiters 0.034 fluid ounce
liters 2.1 pints, US
liters 1.76 pints, Imp.
liters 1.06 quarts, US
liters 0.88 quarts, Imp.
liters 0.26 gallons, US
liters 0.22 gallons, Imp.


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January 29, 2020