We've compiled a list below of every universal joint in our entire range. Choosing the right one for the job has never been easier.


Teng Tools Universal Joint Chart

Item IDDriveDINDescriptionLengthWeight
M140030-C1/4"3123C1/4" drive universal joint33mm / 1.3 in23g / 0.8oz
M380030-C3/8"3123C3/8" drive universal joint50mm / 2 in65g / 2.3oz
M120030-C1/2"3123C1/2" drive universal joint69mm / 2.7 in165g / 5.8oz
M340030-C3/4"3123C3/4" drive universal joint108mm / 4.3 in570g / 20.1oz



Click the appropriate Product ID in the above table to go directly to the universal joint in our store.



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January 09, 2020