The two most important parts of any screwdriver are the tip and the handle. The length of the blade is chosen to suit the type of access needed but it is what you hold and what turns the screw that makes the difference between a good screwdriver and a not so good one.


The Tip

If the tip is made from the correct material, to the right hardness and in the correct dimensions it will give a snug fit to the screw head which will make it much easier to apply torque without damaging the fastening or the blade slipping out of the screw. With our TT-MV material and exhaustive quality control tests you can be confident that a Teng Tools screwdriver will fit securely.


The Handle

When it comes to the design of the handle many screwdriver brands have gone off in all sorts of weird and wonderful directions with strange shapes, different materials and colour schemes that can look distinctly odd.

Teng Tools have never ventured down this road, preferring instead to focus on the shape and function of the handle to create a screwdriver that fits the hand comfortably without slipping to allow more torque and fewer blisters.

The new range of Teng Tools screwdrivers has been developed in conjunction with experts in ergonomics and material technology but more importantly together with people who actually use screwdrivers to give a handle that really does give you a better grip.


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October 23, 2019
Tags: Screwdrivers