A wrench is commonly used to provide grip when applying torque to turn any mechanical object such as fasteners, bolts, nuts etc.

The most common shape is an open ended and box end combination.

But why is the box end offset at a 15 degree angle?


Easy Access

  • In short, having the offset angle allows you to use the wrench in confined spaces as well as on flat surfaces.
  • It allows for an increase in movement which creates a larger turning arc when space is a restriction.
  • Even if you have all the space in the world, offsetting the wrench decreases the overall swing needed.
  • If you were to position a wrench flat against a nut or bolt the swing needed would be 60 degrees.
  • However, offsetting it at a 15 degree angle reduces that swing to 30 degrees which makes your work faster and easier.
  • The clearance provided by the offset angle also minimizes the risk of hurting yourself e.g. skinning your knuckles as it raises the wrench off a flat surface.


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October 02, 2019
Tags: Wrenches