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Teng Tools - 12 Inch Hacksaw, Junior hacksaw and Utility Knife Set - 700-PRO5

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Hacksaw Set Contains:

  • 12 Inch Hacksaw: Professional quality steel hacksaw frame featuring an ergonomically designed aluminium handle
  • 12 Inch Swedish M2 HSS 24 teeth blade as well as facilities for presetting at a 45 degree or 90 degree cutting angle or for use as a key hole saw
  • The frame also includes storage space for extra blades

6 Inch Mini Hacksaw

  • 6 Inch Mini Hacksaw: Professional quality mini hacksaw frame complete with three 6" hacksaw blades and a 6 position blade setting.

Utility Knife:

  • Utility Knife: Heavy duty utility knife featuring a retractable blade and supplied complete with two spare blades
  • Complete professional use hacksaw set