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Student Program Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions, along with any other applicable terms of use or sale (“Terms”), are an agreement between you and Teng Tools USA. By signing up for the Student Program, you agree to the Terms.

  • Students must attend a qualified vocational school, technical school, college, or university and be enrolled in a certified skilled trades program in order to be eligible for the Student Program.
  • Students must complete the Student Program Application.
  • The Student Program applies to purchases on www.tengtoolsusa.com only.
  • The Student Program discount is 25% off the current price listed on tengtoolsusa.com
  • Each student will be given a promo code. This promo code must be entered at checkout to receive the 25% discount. Discounts will not be reimbursed or credited after a sale.
  • The tools that you purchase with the program discount are for your intended studies and for your personal use only (i.e., not for resale). Teng Tools USA reserves the right to limit sales, monitor purchases, and remove students from the program for any reason, including suspected noncompliance with this section.
  • All sales are subject to availability of stock on hand at the time of purchase.
  • Sales tax and shipping charges may apply.
  • All orders must be paid by through the payment gateway at the tengtoolsusa.com checkout
  • Tengtools USA reserves the right to limit the value of purchases under this program per student.
  • Tengtools USA reserves the right to make changes to or end the Student Program at any time.