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Teng Tools - Portable Tool Kit 194 Piece - SC03

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  • Fully portable tool kit
  • Contains pliers and screwdrivers, mini and regular
  • 1/4" drive regular and deep metric socket set
  • 35pc 1/4" bit socket set
  • 3 piece inspection tool set
  • TX screwdrivers
  • A robust moulded body with built in strength and durability
  • Telescopic aluminium handle
  • Spring suspension and rubber wheels for a smooth ride
  • Non slip rubber feet and with a combination lock that catches to keep the tools safe and secure in their place

Organize your workshop with the help of Teng Tools! Teng Tools is comparatively unique as we offer a complete system, which allows you to create your own tool sets in a structured and Organized fashion. Choose from different tool boxes and roller cabinets as well as more than 160 different TT trays and create your own tool sets.

However, Teng Tools has put together a number of turnkey tool sets to make the selection process easier. The various proposals - which comprise of everything from small portable tool sets to the huge Monster Mega Master with its 1,190 pieces - have been developed in collaboration with professional users from the automotive sector and other industries.

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