Teng Tools PH3 x 5.9 Inch/150mm Head Phillips Screwdriver + Ergonomic, Comfortable Handle - MD953N

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Product Details

  • 5.9 Inch Length Blade PH3 Tip
  • Screwdriver with an ergonomically designed two component handle with hanging hole.
  • Made from chrome vanadium with a black tip.
  • DIN 5264.
  • TT-MV PLUS steel alloy for greater strength and material flexibilty
  • Ergonomically designed bi-material handle for easy use with higher torque and faster speed Hole in the handle for hanging or for use as a T handle for extra torque or with a fall protection wire if needed
  • The handle is moulded around the blade to ensure straightness and to allow larger blade wings which give a higher torque capacity

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