The head gasket is one of the most important sealing applications on an engine. A gasket sits between the cylinder head and engine block and is used to prevent the escape of fluid or gas into the cylinders. 

Blowing a gasket is one of the worst issues you can have with an engine and can be extremely expensive to repair. Leaking oil, misfires, overheating, there are a long list of problems that could occur if you ignore the symptoms.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to replace the head gasket, it is imperative that you have the right tools to hand.


Gasket Scraper

The gasket scraper is one of the most important tools needed for this job. We mentioned earlier that the head gasket is one of the most important sealing applications on an engine.

When you remove the head gasket there will undoubtedly be a build-up of gasket residue (hardened oil, sealant etc.).

To ensure that there are no gaps or bumps, you need to remove this residue. Forgetting to do so will result in the same problem occurring again in the not too distant future.

This residue build-up or grime can be extremely difficult to remove. That's where the gasket scraper comes into play.

It has been designed to easily and effectively remove all residue present.

The gasket scraper is a very inexpensive tool but is one that every professional mechanic or car enthusiast should have in their tool setup. Failing to use this scraper could potentially result in an extremely expensive engine replacement.

Teng Tools MD-SCR Gasket Scraper with 22mm Blade

The Teng Tools gasket scraper features a 22mm / 0.9 inch wide blade and is ideal for removing gaskets as well as rust, paint, carbon build-up and floor tile residue.

The handle has an ergonomic grip to provide comfort, support and improved power transfer and is moulded around the blade to ensure it is completely straight. The grip is also oil, solvent and temperature resistant.

It costs just $12.99 but will be a literal lifeline if you ever run into head gasket problems.


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September 17, 2019