A brick layer hammer or masonry hammer is one of the most popular and used tools in a mason's tool setup. It can be used for cutting, cleaning and setting bricks, stone or masonry. The two sides of the head are very different from each other and for good reason.

One looks like a hammer and the other looks like a chisel.

The hammer side is used for breaking up larger pieces of stone, concrete, brick etc. whereas the chisel side is used for more delicate hammering.

For example, if you want to take a small piece from a stone without breaking the entire stone the chisel side is perfect for this.


How To Use A Brick Hammer

In most cases, using a brick hammer involves 2 steps.


Step 1

Use the chisel side of the head to gently cut/score a line around the area of the stone that needs splitting.


Step 2

Once the cutting/scoring is complete switch to the hammer side and deliver the necessary blow. 


Using the above two steps will ensure that you perform a clean and precise cut.


Teng Tools 16 Ounce Brick Layer/Masonry Hammer 

Our 16 ounce hammer is ideal for cutting, cleaning and setting masonry, stone or bricks.

The hammer features a hanging hole in the handle to secure and prevent it from being dropped when working at a height.


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September 13, 2019