Getting the right screwdriver can be trickier than you think. A lot of people fall into the trap of just getting any set without checking to see if it has the exact sizes they need.

To make the process easy for you we've compiled a comprehensive list below with a breakdown of all our flat head screwdrivers including their sizing details.


Teng Tools Flat Head Screwdriver Chart

Item ID Tip Width Shaft Type Tip Type Blade Length Overall Length Weight Handle Size
MD914N 2.5mm/3/32 round parallel 50mm/1.97in 146mm/5.8in 24g/0.9oz small
MD915N 2.5mm/3/32 round parallel 75mm/3in 171mm/6.7in 24g/0.9oz small
MD915N1 2.5mm/3/32 round parallel 200mm/7.9in 296mm/11.7in 25g/0.9oz small
MD920N 3mm/1/8 round parallel 75mm/3in 171mm/6.7in 27g/0.1oz small
MD920N1 3mm/1/8 round parallel 100mm/3.9in 196mm/7.7in 31g/1.1oz small
MD916N 3.5mm/9/64 round parallel 75mm/3in 171mm/6.7in 29g/1.02oz small
MD916N1 3.5mm/9/64 round parallel 100mm/3.9in 196mm/7.7in 31g/1.1oz small
MD916N2 3.5mm/9/64 round parallel 150mm/5.9in 246mm/9.7in 38g/1.3oz small
MD917N 4mm/5/32 round parallel 100mm/3.9in 196mm/7.7in 31g/1.1oz small
MD917N1 4mm/5/32 round parallel 400mm/15.7in 496mm/19.5in 41g/1.4oz small
MD917N2 4mm/5/32 round parallel 150mm/5.9in 246mm/9.7in 38g/1.3oz small
MD922N 5.5mm/7/32 round flared 75mm/3in 246mm/9.7in 38g/1.3oz small
MD923N 5.5mm/7/32 round flared 150mm/5.9in 258mm/10.2in 64g/2.3oz medium
MD923N1 5.5mm/7/32 round flared 200mm/7.9in 308mm/12.1in 74g/2.6oz medium
MD928N 6.5mm/1/4 round flared 38mm/1.5in 96mm/3.8in 45g/1.6oz extra small
MD928N1 6.5mm/1/4 round flared 100mm/3.9in 216mm/8.5in 93g/3.3oz large
MD928N2 6.5mm/1/4 round flared 150mm/5.9in 266mm/10.5in 105g/3.7oz large
MD928N3 6.5mm/1/4 round flared 200mm/7.9in 316mm/12.4in 115g/4.1oz large
MD928N4 6.5mm/1/4 round flared 100mm/3.9in 208mm/8.2in 105g/3.7oz medium
MD928N5 6.5mm/1/4 round flared 150mm/5.9in 258mm/10.2in 110g/3.9oz medium
MD928N6 6.5mm/1/4 round flared 200mm/7.9in 308mm/12.1in 113g/4oz medium
MD928N7 6.5mm/1/4 round flared 400mm/15.7in 508mm/20in 185g/6.5oz medium
MD930N 10mm/25/64 round flared 200mm/7.9in 325mm/12.8in 231g/8.1oz extra large
MD931N 5.5mm/7/32 hexagon flared 125mm/4.9in 253mm/9.9in 96g/3.4oz large
MD932N 6.5mm/1/4 hexagon flared 100mm/3.9in 216mm/8.5in 101g/3.6oz large
MD932N1 6.5mm/1/4 hexagon flared 150mm/5.9in 266mm/10.5in 114g/4oz large
MD932N2 6.5mm/1/4 hexagon flared 400mm/15.7in 516mm/20.3in 181g/6.4oz large
MD934N 8mm/5/16 hexagon flared 150mm/5.9in 275mm/10.8in 156g/5.5oz extra large
MD935N 10mm/25/64 hexagon flared 200mm/7.9in 325mm/12.8in 226g/7.9oz extra large



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November 28, 2019
Tags: Screwdrivers