We've compiled a comprehensive list below of every Phillips (PH) type head screwdriver in our entire range including all sizing details.

Choosing the right Phillips head screwdriver has never been easier.


Teng Tools Phillips Head Screwdriver Chart

Item ID Size Shaft Type Tip Type Blade Length Overall Length Weight Handle
MD940N PH0 round phillips 75mm/3in 171mm/6.7in 27g/1oz small
MD940N1 PH0 round phillips 300mm/11.8in 369mm/14.5in 41g/1.4oz small
MD947N PH1 round phillips 38mm/1.5in 96mm/3.8in 40g/1.4oz extra small
MD947N1 PH1 round phillips 75mm/3in 183mm/7.2in 29g/1oz medium
MD947N2 PH1 round phillips 150mm/5.9in 258mm/10.2in 61g/2.2oz medium
MD948N PH2 round phillips 38mm/1.5in 96mm/3.8in 46g/1.6oz extra small
MD948N1 PH2 round phillips 100mm/3.9in 216mm/8.5in 93g/3.3oz large
MD948N2 PH2 round phillips 200mm/7.9in 316mm/12.4in 115g/4.1oz large
MD948N3 PH2 round phillips 400mm/15.7in 516mm/20.3in 153g/5.4oz large
MD948N4 PH2 round phillips 100mm/3.9in 208mm/8.2in 90g/3.2oz medium
MD948N5 PH2 round phillips 200mm/7.9in 308mm/12.1in 110g/3.9oz medium
MD948N8 PH2 round phillips 300mm/11.8in 408mm/16.1in 114g/4oz medium
MD948N6 PH2 round phillips 400mm/15.7in 508mm/20in 148g/5.2oz medium
MD949N PH3 round phillips 150mm/5.9in 275mm/10.8in 152g/5.4oz extra large
MD950N PH4 round phillips 200mm/7.9in 325mm/12.8in 261g/9.2oz extra large
MD952N PH2 hexagon phillips 100mm/3.9in 216mm/8.5in 101g/3.6oz large
MD952N1 PH2 hexagon phillips 400mm/15.7in 516mm/20.3in 181g/6.4oz large
MD953N PH3 hexagon phillips 150mm/5.9in 275mm/10.8in 159g/5.6oz extra large
MD954N PH4 hexagon phillips 200mm/7.9in 325mm/12.8in 231g/8.1oz extra large



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November 29, 2019
Tags: Screwdrivers