If you take care of your tools they will be able to take care of the job when you need them.

As well as preserving the lifespan of a tool proper tool care also makes jobs easier, faster and safer to perform.

Tools are extremely tough but they are not indestructible to outside elements. If they are left exposed to outside forces for extended periods of time they can degrade. That's why proper care and storage are a necessity for any tool.


Tips For Taking Care Of Your Tools


Inspect and Clean Every Tool

You should get into a routine of cleaning and wiping down every tool after use before returning it to it's proper storage place. Not only does this ensure that every tool is clean and ready for the next job but it also gives you an opportunity to inspect each tool to make sure there are no defects, nothing is broken or worn and the tool is fit for future purpose.


You should always repair or replace any tools that show signs of damage. Failing to do so could result in a serious accident.


Store Tools Correctly

A proper storage setup is a must for anyone that owns hand tools. Not only does storage ensure that every tool is accounted for and has its own place, it also ensures that all of your tools are protected, either from being lost, stolen or damaged due to outside elements.


At Teng Tools we've been focused on tool storage and tool organization for over 35 years.

All of our systems and setups are designed so that every tool tray clicks together and every tool has its own specific place guaranteeing that you'll never lose a tool again.

Our systems are modular so that you can customize and build your ultimate setup - one designed and optimised specifically for you.


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September 27, 2019
Tags: How To