At Teng Tools we’ve been designing and manufacturing tool boxes for over 30 years now. Making tool boxes is a fine art. It’s a process that requires a lot of skill, attention to detail as well as years of practice. Thankfully, we have all of those under our belt.

In order to develop the world class tool boxes that we have today, we had to look even farther back than 30 years. We went right back to the origins of the very first commercial tool box. We wanted to see where it all began. It was very important to follow the initial thought process. After all, our boxes are built to last so in order to ensure that legacy we studied the first prototypes making sure our foundations were solid.


The First Car Led To The First Toolbox

What we found was remarkable. The first car was actually created by a German Engineer named Karl Benz in 1885. It was the first practical automobile to use an internal combustion engine. A few days after it was created, it broke down. This led of course, to the creation of the first mechanic.

The story of the auto mechanic began in 1885. These newly created machines required a lot of practical upkeep and maintenance to stay running. As more and more automobiles were created and they grew increasingly more complex the need for more mechanics rose and rose.

It wasn’t enough to have a garage or workshop to repair these machines. They were literally breaking down on street corners, unable to be transported to a nearby shop. Mechanics needed to adapt. They needed to be able to transport their tools quickly and efficiently both inside and outside of their workshops.

And so, the portable toolbox was born. Initially, these boxes were simple in their construction but over time they adapted to the changing needs of the mechanic as the automotive industry kicked into full swing.

Fast forward to 1985, exactly 100 years after the creation of the first car and Teng Tools was born. From the beginning, we set to work building on the last 100 years but making sure that we took tool storage to the next level. We spoke with mechanics, enlisted professionals and began designing the future of tool storage, boxes that were built with the user front and centre.

Early on in our process we came to a profound conclusion. The number one priority for most mechanics was organization. There was no point arriving on a scene or setting to work on a car if you didn’t know where your tools were. Hard to find tools equalled lost time which equalled fewer customers. Organization became our priority. We wanted to construct boxes that had a place for every tool so that nothing would ever be lost again. And that’s exactly what we did.


Toolbox Checklist

All of our storage options have been designed to meet the high demands of quality conscious professionals from all over the world. No detail is left to chance and we make sure that our boxes are packed with industry leading features.

  • All of our top and middle boxes have rubber coated side handles to provide comfort when being carried.
  • Our roller cabinets are also equipped with rubberized transport handles making them easier and more comfortable to move around.
  • Every tool storage item is made from strong, high quality steel for longer life and greater stability and our drawers are powder coated with rust protection in five stages as well as an undercoat.
  • Each drawer is equipped with three-step ball bearing slides so that they are easy to open and are fully extendable.


Over the last 30 years we have kept defining and redefining the tool storage category but we always remember our roots and the roots of the ones that came before us.

Check out our full range and see for yourself.




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October 30, 2018
Tags: Tool Storage