Its a question we get asked all the time. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional looking for an essential kit with all the necessities, deciding what to put in your kit and what to leave out can be a bit mind boggling at times.

So today, we’re going to break it down for you. Below is a list of general tools that have multiple uses. After all, if you need the basics its best to make sure that each tool can cover more than one task. 


Top 5 Items For Your Tool Kit


1. Screwdrivers

A must for any tool kit no matter how big or small. For this category we’ve selected our MD910N screwdriver set. Its a 10 piece set that includes Flat, PH & PZ type screwdrivers as well as a 1,000 volt driver for any electrical work. This is a fantastic set to use as it covers a wide array of the most popular screwdrivers and it also comes in a hard wearing plastic case with handles.

2. Hammer

No tool kit is complete without a trusty hammer. When deciding on an all-rounder, its good to choose one that has a large enough face and good steady weight. After all, although our tools come with a lifetime warranty, your fingers don’t. For this we’ve chosen the HMBP12 12oz ball pein hammer. It has a fibre glass shaft, its lightweight and it also has a comfortable grip making it ideal to use for extended periods of time. Importantly, the diameter of the head is 1.1 inches. Sorted!

3. Tape Measure

There’s always something to be measured - even if you’re only trying to look busy. What better tape to use than our MT03 10 footer. It comes supplied in an ABS case, has a tape lock and belt clip and also features power return as well as an aligning hook for internal/external measurement.

4. Pliers

Where would a kit be without a set of pliers. Whether you’re gripping, tightening or snipping a good set of pliers can be a life saver. For this we’ve chosen the TT440 4 piece set. It comes with a 6 inch side cutter, 7 inch combination, 8 inch long nose and a 10 inch water pump all made from steel alloy and chrome molybdenum for greater cutting capacity. Car dentistry? No problem with this set.

5. Utility Knife

And last but not least comes the utility knife. One of these is ideal for all the grunt-work cutting that’s too difficult for scissors and too dulling and damaging for a pocket knife. In steps our 711 aluminum knife. It features an automatic blade return for safer work, a handy release button at the end of the knife, it stores 6 blades and automatically loads one into position once activated and it also features non slip sections so you can return home at the end of the day with 10 Missy Piggy’s instead of 9.

So there you have it. Our top 5 items for every basic tool kit. But what’s that you say? What tool box should all of these go in? Well I’m glad you asked. Check out our last blog Looking For The Best Portable Mechanics Toolbox? to find out more.





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October 31, 2018
Tags: Tool Kits