We've compiled a comprehensive list below of every Tamper Proof Torx (TPX) type head screwdriver in our entire range including all sizing details.

Choosing the right Torx head screwdriver has never been easier.


Teng Tools Tamper Proof Torx Head Screwdriver Chart

Item IDSizeShaft TypeBlade LengthOverall LengthWeightHandle
MD610TPNTPX10round100mm / 3.9in208mm / 8.2in58g / 2ozmedium
MD615TPNTPX15round100mm / 3.9in208mm / 8.2in58g / 2ozmedium
MD620TPNTPX20round100mm / 3.9in208mm / 8.2in58g / 2ozmedium
MD625TPNTPX25round100mm / 3.9in216mm / 8.5in94g / 3.3ozlarge
MD627TPNTPX27round100mm / 3.9in216mm / 8.5in94g / 3.3ozlarge
MD630TPNTPX30round100mm / 3.9in216mm / 8.5in94g / 3.3ozlarge
MD640TPNTPX40round100mm / 3.9in216mm / 8.5in105g / 3.7ozlarge




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December 12, 2019