We've been designing and manufacturing tool kits and tool boxes for over three decades. Top boxes, middle boxes, roller cabinets, full stack systems, all have been designed to the highest quality, all have been fitted from top to bottom with typically Teng features and all have been stamped with our signature red colour and Teng Tools logo.

But we've heard your feedback. We've read your comments and listened to your requests.

You've told us time and time again that you want our signature tool setups but you want them in black.

You want it? You got it.


The Juggernaut Has Arrived


The Juggernaut Tool Kit


After over 35 years of tool storage pioneering, its time to meet our greatest innovation yet.

Introducing the 67 inch wide 3 bay roller cabinet. The Juggernaut has arrived.


A Force To Be Reckoned With

The word juggernaut is used to describe anything that seems unstoppable, powerful and dominant. According to ancient lore it is the product of the collision between two forces.


Welcome To The Next Gen

And that was our goal from the beginning. To design a roller cabinet so large and so feature rich that it stood head and shoulders above all other storage. Literally.


14 Drawers. 67 Inches Wide.

The 14 drawer roller cabinet is manufactured from heavy gauge, top quality steel. During the manufacturing process its powder coat painted with a 5-step rust prevention and undercoat. No detail has been left to chance. This roller cabinet has been designed to meet the highest professional demands.


A Total Game Changer

  • 67 inches wide
  • 14 drawers
  • Combination lock
  • Heavy duty side handle with grip
  • Wooden workbench/top plate
  • Four 6 inch castors
  • Protective mats in each drawer
  • 16 inch ball bearing slides
  • Powder coated paint


Fully Compatible. Industry Leading.

The Juggernaut is fully compatible with our leading tool trays. Every tool has its own specific place. Every tool tray clicks together. No more searching. Everything you need, ready and waiting.


3 Distinct Kits. Choose Your Ultimate Setup.

The Juggernaut is available in 3 separate configurations. Click the images below to see them in full detail:


The Juggernaut Original





The Juggernaut Foam





The Juggernaut SAE


October 07, 2019
Tags: Tool Kits